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Choosing a Pet Carrier

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Have you met a dog that doesn’t like to walk? I hadn’t until I met my pup.  Unless she is chasing after a ball, she’d much rather relax in a stroller or pet carrier while I do the work.  Pet carriers are a godsend for me.

Dogs have become part of the family and they are traveling more with their owners.   During a recent trip to the Caribbean, I was amazed by the number of pups traveling with a parent.  (Amazed and a bit envious that I couldn’t take Lyssa Lu.) Whether you are taking a trip to the groomer or flying across the country, finding the perfect dog carrier is important for the safety and comfort of your dog.  The carrier protects your dog from injury and escape and gives him/her a sense of security in unfamiliar settings.

Here are a few tips I’ve learned while searching for the perfect pet carrier.

  • Check Airline Requirements: If you are planning to bring your dog on an airplane, you will need a pet carrier.  Be sure that the carrier you purchase matches the regulations of the airline you are using.  Review your airline’s website for information about traveling with your dog, including requirements for pet carriers.  Some airlines will allow small dogs to remain with you during the flight.  You will want to be certain that you are aware of their guidelines before arriving at the airport to find your fur-baby must travel with checked luggage.(gasp)
  • Size Matters: Do not purchase a pet carrier that is too large. Although you want your dog to be comfortable, too much extra space will tell some dogs, especially puppies and poorly trained dogs, they may relieve themselves in a corner not being used.  Also, be sure to review the description of the carrier to ensure it can handle your pup’s weight. 
  • Quality is important: Choose a sturdy, well made pet carrier.  You don’t want to be traveling with your pup to find it’s been cheaply made and doesn’t provide a safe and comfortable environment for your dog.

You should view the purchase of a pet carrier as an investment.  I’d rather pay more upfront and be confident that my dog is safe and comfortable.  Imagine you are walking while your pup is sitting in a carrier sitting on your shoulder.  Now imagine the strap breaks.  It has happened to me.  I’ve purchase too many poorly made pet carriers to find they are difficult to carry, my dog is uncomfortable and and/or it falls apart shortly after purchase.  A high(er) end carrier is made with quality materials and created to last and will often be sold with a warranty.

My favorite brand of pet carriers is Petote.  I highly recommend their carriers to anyone who is looking for a sturdy, quality carrier.  Petote was created by Janet Lee Mandell 15 years ago.  Ms. Mandell wanted to create the “ultimate pet carrier for that special friend”.  Inspired by her love of dogs and fashion, she did just that!  The quality of Petote carriers is unsurpassed.  Each carrier is made of luxurious materials and hand sewn in the United States.  Prices range from $99 to over $500 (USD).  You’re sure to find the perfect pet carrier in your desired price range.  You won’t find Petote carriers at your local Walmart or Petsmart.  They are sold only in the finest boutiques and department stores through the world.  Petote has many celebrity fans.  Jennifer Lopez, Debra Messing, Halle Berry and Uma Thurman are among the many celebrities who use Petote carriers to tote around their four-legged best friend!

Check out our paw-some array of pet carriers.

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